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When it comes to digital and cybersecurity solutions, Banalytics- Cyber Security Company, headquartered in Singapore, helps organizations solve the most challenging cyber risks to their operations! Our patented and new generation of cybersecurity solutions provide organizations with real-time monitoring and security management tool that safeguard businesses and operations from all kinds of cyber attacks.

As digital transformation and revolution continue to take hold around the globe, it’s important for organizations to be well prepared and well-equipped to adapt their businesses accordingly and take full advantage of digitization. However, many organizations are in the dark or unaware of the cyber risk and the vulnerability across their business ecosystems. In most cases, they also lack the tool to understand the security performance of their own programs and policies. This requires a new generation of cybersecurity solutions that goes beyond periodic and specific checks and monitoring.

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With growing number of clients (multinationals, small and medium enterprises and public organizations) around the globe, our solutions continue to be the best rated security performance management tool in the world. And from our personalized onboarding to best-in-class customer support, we are committed to ensuring that our customers can seamlessly adopt our cybersecurity management tool and get immediate value. With a team of cybersecurity professionals, data scientists and engineers and business leaders, we are best positioned to enable organizations to detect, monitor and remediate every cyber risk in their ecosystems.

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Take charge of your cyber risk exposure with the world’s leading cyber security company.

Gain critical insight into the riskiest cyber issues impacting your vendors and business partners. 

Customers’ Success Stories

Learn how Lloyds Bank transformed their risk management process to continuously monitor their critical suppliers’ security ratings and improve collaboration with vendors.

Fannie Mae used our Security Ratings to manage their supply chain security and reduced third-party cyber risk. Learn how Fannie Mae used our solutions to monitor the security of their vendors.

Spectris leveraged our Security Performance Management (SPM) solution to improve visibility of risks across M&A and subsidiary network.

Our Security Performance Management solutions enabled Snam, Europe’s leading energy & utility company, to assess and manage the performance of its current cyber security posture.

Learn more about how HBF (major Australian health insurance company) used our Security Performance Management & Third Party Risk Management to improve its security posture and achieved 95% cost savings as compared to relying on audits.

See how Cabela used our solutions to streamline its vendor management process and reduce cyber security risks.