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Gain critical insight into the riskiest cyber issues impacting your vendors and business partners.


Our Solutions for Third-Party-Risk Management TPRM

Launch, grow, or optimize your TPRM program with the resources you have today.

Cloud-based technology and outsourcing provide unique opportunities for modern organizations to extend their operations and capabilities. But these opportunities are not without risk, and as organizations expand their vendor and partnership ecosystems, there is a growing awareness that third-party cyber risk must be managed. While questionnaires and audits are helpful, they supply only a snapshot of vendor risk. Organizations need automated tools to continuously measure and monitor vendor security performance and mitigate risk.

Our TPRM solutions immediately expose cyber risk within your supply chain, helping you focus resources on critical areas of risk, and collaborate with vendors to achieve significant and measurable risk reduction. Insights into your partners and vendors’ riskiest issues are backed by data that correlates to potential security incidents and context from the most engaged community of risk and security professionals. With us, you can launch, grow, or optimize your TPRM program with the resources you have today.

Proven Benefits

An external partner or vendor can represent significant opportunities for the business. But do the benefits outweigh the risks? Our TPRM solution enables you to assess the risk associated with a vendor relationship. Critical insights and data about the vendor’s security posture help you understand and communicate the technical details to the business in easily understood terms that enable outcomes-based, informed decisions.

Our TPRM allows you to enable the business faster by reducing the time and cost it takes to assess and onboard vendors. Smart tiering recommendations, workflow integrations, and risk vector breakdowns make your TPRM program more scalable and help you identify areas of known risk. Continuous monitoring capabilities enable you to manage risk throughout the entire vendor life cycle.

TPRM gives you the confidence to make faster, more strategic decisions about cyber risk management across your vendor ecosystem. Fueled by our leading Security Ratings, this solution enables you to facilitate security discussions with the business and with vendors, and helps you launch, grow, or optimize your TPRM program with the resources you have today.

See Our TPRM in Action!

Vendors play an important role in a modern business’ drive for innovation, agility, growth and flexibility. But there is risk, too.

See for yourself how our TPRM can help you gain critical insights into the riskiest issues impacting your vendors, and make your vendor life cycle faster, more efficient, less costly, and more scalable.

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