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Critical Infrastructure & Essential Industries

We support government agencies and many essential industries to gain visibility into the cybersecurity of their organizations, partners, contractors and subcontractors and improve management of their internal systems.

Cyber Risk Management for Critical Infrastructure and Essential Industries

Evaluate your cyber risk and security performance across your digital footprint

Government agencies are responsible for some of the most critical systems and data in their societies and markets. However, they also face unique cybersecurity challenges due to resource constraints and a heavy reliance on partners, contractors and subcontractors.

According to many studies, most government agencies and institutions have cybersecurity programs that are either “at risk” or “at high risk.” Improving security at these agencies will require updating internal systems, continuously monitoring and managing risks created by contractor relationships, and preparing for emerging threats.

To mitigate these risks, we provide objective, independent measurements of security performance, enabling IT and security teams of governments at all levels to continuously monitor partners, contractor and subcontractor cybersecurity performance, enhance oversight into their agency security, and effectively measure, manage, and communicate risk with key stakeholders.

Cyber Risk Management for Utilities

Electric grid operability and reliability are the biggest challenges as cyber attacks continue to increase. In addition, the regulatory landscape is becoming increasingly strict in enforcing guidelines on cybersecurity practices. More government regulators are rolling out regulations where utility organizations are fined for third party breaches due to violation of cybersecurity standards.

Global utility organizations must understand their own security posture as well as their third parties in order to remediate security issues quickly and efficiently. The utility vendor landscape spans from vendors with access to sensitive employee data to vendors with critical impact to the electric grid.

Our solutions can help shape and strengthen cyber risk management programs for utility organizations across the globe and in the region.

Cyber Risk Management for Telecoms

With massive, deeply interconnected IT systems, cutting-edge technology, large supplier portfolios, and a treasure trove of personal information, telecoms are a constant target for cyber criminals. In order to improve the efficiency, agility, and effectiveness of their cybersecurity operations, telecoms need a way to gain visibility into cyber risk at scale across internal and third-party systems.

We make this possible by providing data-driven, objective measurements of security performance. Our Security Ratings are easy to understand and can be used to improve internal and external communication concerning cyber risk.

Organizations with excellent cybersecurity performance can use their ratings to demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive data, creating a new competitive differentiator that can make a big impact on clients and partners.

In addition, security ratings can be used as evidence of adherence to cybersecurity regulations and guidelines like GDPR.

Cyber Risk Management for Financial Services

When it comes to cyber attacks, financial services companies and their supply chains are the most targeted organizations. On top of a heightened threat landscape, global regulations are pushing Finance companies to establish ongoing monitoring of third parties who interact with sensitive data.

With businesses relying on an increasing number of digital services, understanding risk from service providers and fourth parties has become a growing initiative for security risk management programs. We help Financial Institutions identify common service providers and fourth parties in their ecosystem to better inform risk assessments and monitoring. Our Security Management solutions also help shape and strengthen third-party cyber risk management programs for hundreds of Finance companies around the globe.

Further, while many corporate functions have embraced benchmarking, risk and security teams often lack a way to quantify security performance. Our Security Ratings deliver a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, giving businesses the ability to compare performance with industry peers and competitors and report progress over time to senior leadership.

Cyber Risk Management for Defense

The Defense sector is under constant attack from criminal groups and nation states seeking to obtain sensitive national security information, intellectual property, and trade secrets. Defense companies must protect their own organizations, manage risk across large supply chains, and demonstrate alignment to new regulatory requirements with other countries and agencies.

With experience serving governments and commercial sectors (including the U.S. Department of Defense), we can help Defense organizations gain greater visibility into their own security posture, manage cyber risk across their supply chain, and demonstrate alignment of their programs to any set of regulatory requirements.

Cyber Risk Management for Retail

Retail is one of the most targeted industries when it comes to cyber attacks, given the sensitive customer data these organizations possess— like personally identifiable information (PII). In fact, over 50% of global retailers were breached in 2020.

In today’s economy, an increasing number of larger retailers are shifting their focus to ecommerce to compete with industry giants. This means they are working with multiple vendors to process various business activities and operations such as e-commerce transactions. In order to scale and become competitive online, retailers are going to need to depend on technology from various vendors.

For retail companies, their focus lies not only on benchmarking their security performance against industry peers but also on maintaining their brand and reputation. To do this, they need to prioritize assessing and continuously monitoring the security posture of many third and fourth parties with access to sensitive customer and shopper data— and the potential to compromise it.

Retail organizations need an effective means to gain visibility into the security posture of their business, as well as model different scenarios and paths of remediation to project future security performance. Our Security Ratings deliver a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, giving retail companies a means to both establish their credibility in their industry as well as the ability to compare performance with other industry peers and competitors, identify direct paths to cyber risk reduction, as well as report progress over time to executives and the Board.

Cyber Risk Management for Manufacturing

When it comes to data breaches, manufacturing is a highly vulnerable industry. In 2017, 39% of manufacturers reported experiencing breaches.

Given what industry cyber risk professionals have to contend with, this isn’t surprising. Securing a complex device landscape that puts emerging technology and legacy control systems side by side is a challenge. Engaging a vast and varied supply chain and enforcing cybersecurity requirements can seem nearly impossible. Can all this be done while keeping up with evolving regulations? Not without help.

Our platform empowers manufacturers to monitor and remediate both internal and supply chain cyber risk leveraging continuous and actionable data.

With expansive supply chains and huge vendor portfolios, manufacturers are particularly exposed to third-party cyber risk.

Cyber criminals may be able to access your sensitive systems and data through the network of a connected third party. Even if an attack doesn’t touch your systems directly, supply chain risk can cause damaging downtime.

Our Security Management allows manufacturers to continuously monitor the security posture of their entire supply chain, gaining unprecedented insight into third-party security performance to drive risk-based decision making.

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