Cyber Security Performance Management

Do you know how secure your organization really is?

Your organization may not be as secure as you think it is. Without knowing your vulnerabilities, you can’t take the steps critical to protect your organization against cyber risks. That’s where SECURITY PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT comes in.

Security Performance Management is the process of monitoring and assessing your organization’s security. It identifies and addresses vulnerabilities, optimizes security performance, and ensures compliance with security policies and regulations.


Our World Leading Security Performance Management SPM

Evaluate your cyber risk and security performance across your digital footprint.

Modern organizations are being held accountable for the performance of their cybersecurity programs. Security and risk leaders need a way to continuously monitor, measure, and communicate the efficacy of the controls they have in place to secure their valuable assets from cyber threats such as ransomware and phishing in the digital ecosystem.

Our world leading Security Performance Management enables security and risk executives to measure their cybersecurity program performance, align investments and actions with measurable impact, allocate limited resources to the most critical areas of cyber risk, and facilitate data-driven conversations among key stakeholders.

Proven Business Value

Product Features

Attack Surface Analytics

Manage your digital footprint and assess your cyber risk exposure across your entire digital system.

Executive Reporting

Effectively communicate key metrics to the board and provide customized, actionable reports.

Peer Analytics

Analyze your cybersecurity performance compared to peers to focus investments for greatest impact.

Internal Assessment

See how your organization’s security posture is viewed by others. Trust but verify.


Establish baseline metrics and benchmark performance against industry peers.


Project expected future rating based on a given plan and track progress towards that goal over time.

NIST & ISO Framework Mapping

Map your organization’s results to broadly adopted cybersecurity frameworks.

See our Security Performance Management in Action!

You cannot secure what you cannot see. Request your FREE Attack Surface Trial today, and discover how our Security Performance Management can help you identify where your vulnerabilities are and start reducing cyber risk exposure across your digital ecosystem.

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